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The website development industry is continuously enhancing and developing every day with new solutions and aiding features. One of these features is represented by the JQuery, which is one of the greatest technological breakthroughs which allows and eases the interaction between HTML and JavaScript. This is just a brief description of this cross-browser, which can even do more for website developers and even for the ones who are not so familiar with web development.

The JQuery applications allow a simple usage of HTML files and their conversion in JavaScript and vice-versa. Through the description that its creators gave it when launching the application, “Write Less, Do More”, we can see the very useful tool that this application provides. The JQuery aiding tool acts like a library that stocks real HTML and JavaScript information for usage in web developing. Many web developers, programmers and designers have stated their satisfaction out of using this tool and the ease of operating that it provides.

As out company provides full solutions for website programming, creation, design and much more, we have also implemented our own personalized JQuery system that we use in our work and that we also encourage our clients to use, thanks to the very interactive interface that it offers.

There are two ways of getting a JQuery file; both are the same accessible and easy to use. One is by getting the JQuery application in an uncompressed file of the .js type and the other way includes the minified .js file which is the same thing as the first one, the only difference laying in the decompression method. The JQuery application is available for download for anyone who plans on using the system and it is even written in JavaScript itself. All of these characteristics are real advantages to consider and have created the popularity of the tool for all of the amateurs of HTML vs. JavaScript. The main function of the tool is that of creating useful and personalized scripts, and this can be done really easy by using the available files in which form it is available. There are hundreds plugins that can help you build your custom scripts and since the JQuery acts like a real library of multiple items, you can even add your own features if you know a bit of programming.

Our experts and web specialists can teach you a little something about the tool as they are working for your web project, by giving you specific instructions in case you want to have control over this website functionality after your site will be ready. As a general rule, the JQuery is available for download for free from the internet and it works in a dual-license system under the licenses of its producers which are the MIT and the GPL. All in all, this is one extra feature that our web development company can provide you with for your website project. Besides other additional services, you can also have this interactive HTML tool installed for an improvement of your control over your own website plugins. Contact us with your project details.

one of the greatest technological breakthroughs which allows and eases the interaction between HTML and JavaScript.

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