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IP Confederation

Project Background:

In essence, the Israeli Palestinian Confederation is a third government for both the Israeli and the Palestinian people together. In order to bring to life, the vision of a so profound concept, IBCnet was hired to create and devise a plan to attract create and maintain voting participants. Registration for voting and voter maintenance. Registration and maintenance of candidates. A secure online voting system that span over one night. All in three languages. It was a great experience and a pleasure working for a just cause and a challenge that we welcomed and successfully executed.

Technologies Used:

ASP.net, DHTML, IIS, VB Script, JQuery, CSS, MSSQL, HTML, and Java Script.

Client Testimonial:

It is with great pleasure that I write a recommendation for Michael Vaknin. I have known Mr. Vaknin in a professional capacity as a computer programmer and a web designer for approximately 15 years. Mr. Vaknin has done many projects for me and the various companies and organization which I owned or served as a member of the board of directors. Many of the projects were new and required an original approach and innovation. I have worked with Mr. Vaknin from the planning stage and the execution. It was very important for me to have someone who will understand the project and come up with additional issues and solutions. Mr. Vaknin was very helpful and highly effective in the planning and execution stages of each project. I found him to be very professional and highly skilled. Mr. Vaknin has pride in his work with great motivation to deliver a product beyond my expectation. I found him to be honest and above board. I currently use his services and would certainly recommend him to anyone. I might add that although we both share the same national background we do not have any personal relations outside the professional services he provides. I would be available for any further questions if necessary.