Web Access Approval

You have reached this page because you have requested that we provide you or your designated agent with access to your website or webserver. 

Please take a minute to read the important information below:

By providing your information below, you understand and agree that you will have the ability to edit, delete and add new files directly to your production folder. You or your designated agent maintains full responsibility regarding any action that is taken with your files. You hereby state that you have the skills and knowledge to correctly handle your files. This access level does not discriminate. If you choose to delete files, or accidentally overwrite files, this may cause the application to crash, or perform in erratic manner, or cause irreparable harm. When deleting or overwriting files it is possible the application may cease to function.

In agreeing to the below and by requesting direct access, you state that you understand the risks and take full responsibility for your actions and any negative outcomes, even if caused inadvertently. Additionally, you will be responsible for any damage caused to the server and agree that you will pay IBCnet for any damage caused and any time that it takes to repair the server or any system files that are damaged. You fully release IBCnet from any liability associated with your actions. You also understand and agree to any necessary billable support incidents.

Feel free to contact us regarding any concern and please use with caution.

By requesting access below, I understand and agree to the above.