Merchanttribe BV Amazon Plug-In Integration | Ecommerce Platform

Get paid faster!  If you are a service based business, invoicing your clients online is a simple step you can take to make your business more efficient. There are multiple solutions offering invoicing, though, very few harness the power of fully blown commercial ecommerce application. 

Combining ecommerce and Invoicing Service Solution For businesses that sell products as well as services, we are offering a unique solution. We have developed an invoicing solution plug-in module that integrate seamlessly into BV Software. The choice of a reliable ecommerce application provided instant proven commercial strength application. Using this solution will enable centralizing the sales, management and monitoring of your products and services. In addition to all main benefits of a commercial ecommerce application our module provides:

  • Help your business get paid faster
  • Communicate with your client via web
  • Project a professional sophistication reserved for tech savvy companies

Amongst the many ecommerce built-in features, this solution offers the ability to build an invoice using inventory / non-inventory products / services. You can e-mail clients your invoices from anywhere using a web browser with few simple clicks. You can view a report displaying all open paid and unpaid service invoices, and using a simple click, email clients a reminder on open invoice via email.

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