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    Did you know IBCnet has built hundreds of websites!?!? Since 1994 our technical team has touched every important technology out there for developing websites. Put our experience to work on your next project.. [contact us]
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    Here are the top five reasons why should do business with IBCnet. If these reasons align with your goals, you are certain to get the results you want and need.. [read more]

IBCnet specializes in web design technologies; providing cutting-edge solutions & services including:

This page is going under constant renovations. Meanwhile you can see some of the projects we had built in the past. Few are some current projects we recently finished. They contain different technologies such as ASP, CGI, Java, PHP, Animated Gif's, Flash, Fireworks, and HTML thereby showcasing our abilities. Please feel free to browse the website and remember that we can do same or better for you!