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Web Development

Did you know IBCnet had built hundreds of websites? Throughout the years IBCnet development team covered every important technology out there for website development. Put our experience to help you on your next project.. [contact us]

Ecommerce Development

Front end of application can have a simple look and feel. Yet the backend can provide a range of benefits and features to accommodate for any need a business can have. We have experience in developing full scale complex applications based on and php platforms - references available contact us for more information.

Latest Ecommerce Project is the largest provider of everything travel size. IBCnet was hired to plan, create, and execute the development of their ecommerce web store, front end targeting retail consumers, and backend accommodating for wholesale clientele read more...

Mobile Development

Our mobile development team provides extensive consulting, planning, development and maintenance of mobile application. iOS and Android. We deliver solid reliable customized and accelerated mobile development team to suit your needs. Contact us for more information.

Real Estate strategy that makes dollar and common sense. Web development project for real estate made to fit your business, grow and manage it easily.

With the world moving into an age in which technology is as integral a part to daily life as breathing, any business seeking to thrive in the real world must also thrive online. The real estate market may not seem an ideal candidate but the digital revolution has provided a multitude of opportunities for economic growth and development, providing a limitless medium in which the real estate market may extend itself to new clients and partners.

As a realtor, your needs are well understood. Your success depends entirely on presentation and matching the right house to the right client. With a real estate website built by us, you will be able to present your properties to people who specifically searched for them. We can provide tools to organize clients and buyers based on demographic, niche, interests, etc. so you may spend more time working with buyers towards closings.

For those with an existing real estate website, we can still integrate tools that will increase your chances of being found online. We can make it possible to upload photos and video tours of properties, or even introduce an automated follow-up system, allowing you to keep in touch with existing and prospective clients.

Our seasoned development team will be able to provide you with a pre-packaged real estate website tailored to your needs that will reflect your professionalism and core values. In as dynamic a market as real estate, our team will work on the terms of your vision to make your site stable and distinguished. We understand that to provide a satisfactory product, we must maintain a constant dialog between ourselves and you, the client.

Our experts are qualified and eager to significantly increase your ranking on search engines. It isn’t enough to build a professional website. We will work tirelessly to bring your real estate website to a top level position and provide you with a search optimization plan that will fit your business requirements.

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