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Blog is an essential tool to publish content; let the world know what you have in mind. Part of its inception is the human need to express ourselves and share our ideas with others. But more importantly, blog has become an essential tool to produce original content which is proven to be helpful if you are aiming to get your site indexed better in search engine. More specifically – Google.

The benefits are clear. As long as you make sure Google sees your new content, and create a regiment to invite its bots to scan your site, Google will index your content. You can expect that more pages with posts keywords will get listed in their search results pages, hence, getting more visibility to your site.

If you are an avid writer who enjoys writing, and more import, finds the time to do so on consistent bases, you are on the way to get better indexing. If your posts are actually interesting, people enjoy reading them, forward them to others, or deserving, your posts get exposure in other popular sites then you got a winning formula for successful traffic generation! The snow ball keeps growing as not only will you get more content listed in SERP’s, your popularity will increase and possibly every page in your site will have higher weight in ranking. Evidence for that is the fact your posts will list faster, your keywords will be start ranking higher, and your site will experience an overall increase of traffic.

Is there any down side? Yes, simply – consistency. Most blog writer start with great enthusiasm and somewhere along the line, lose interest. Google sees no new content and thereby overall ranking, time to get listed is slower and overall traffic will decrease. So – should you start a blog? To get your answer ask yourself - can you commit the time needed to maintain the blog going?

We certainly do not recommend you start a blog knowing you cannot commit the required time to keep it interesting and attractive. Yet, since you the importance of its benefits, you cannot afford NOT to have one.. Worry not – we can help!

At IBCnet we work with content writing services and provide help in making sure your blog is not stagnant. Our work can coexist with your work. If you want to write, you can, we just make sure that a Google gets the right amount of content it needs to see, at the time intervals we committed.

We will post, monitor and provide reporting on overall indexing progress making sure the blog contribution to your site is returning its investment and more..

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