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Dear Potential Client
When choosing a company to help develop your internet strategy, it is important to choose the company that has the broader view of your business. The team at IBCnet had the privilege of working on many different projects, and gained much experience in variety of industries while perfecting the skills of online marketing, return on investment focused web development, ecommerce web development, web design, programming, search engine optimization, internet business consulting, and establishing / extending complete merchant solutions for online businesses.

We encourage you to ask us for few referrals before we start working with us.

At the completion of every project, we ask our clients to provide a bias testimonial about their experience working with us. Here is what they had to say:

Client Testimonials

  • "To whom it may concern,
    It is with great pleasure that I write a recommendation for Michael Vaknin. I have known Mr. Vaknin in a professional capacity as a computer programmer and a web designer for approximately 15 years. Mr. Vaknin has done many projects for me and the various companies and organization which I owned or served as a member of the board of directors. Many of the projects were new and required an original approach and innovation. I have worked with Mr. Vaknin from the planning stage and the execution. It was very important for me to have someone who will understand the project and come up with additional issues and solutions.

    Mr. Vaknin was very helpful and highly effective in the planning and execution stages of each project. I found him to be very professional and highly skilled. Mr. Vaknin has pride in his work with great motivation to deliver a product beyond my expectation. I found him to be honest and above board. I currently use his services and would certainly recommend him to anyone. I might add that although we both share the same national background we do not have any personal relations outside the professional services he provides. I would be available for any further questions if necessary. "

    Very truly yours,
    Attorney at Law

  • "It has really been a pleasure to work with IBCNET. From the very beginning they understood me perfectly and was able to put all my ideas and visions to life. They spent many extra hours then we originally agreed on in order to make sure I was happy and that everything was perfect to even the smallest details. Even when we ran into issues/bugs with the new site that had nothing to do with him he was passionate and determined to always find a solution. I am so happy I found IBCNET and I am excited for our current and future new projects. I would definitely recommend IBCNET to anyone and everyone who needs anything that has to do with e-commerce weather it's web design, programing, hosting, SEM/SEO, etc... Thank you guys for everything, it has really been a pleasure. "

    David Oaknin
    Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

  • "It was wonderful working with you during these last 6 months. We wouldn't think twice about recommending IBCnet. From the very start, Michael was extremely informative and easy to reach. We were able to communicate easily through email or telephone. This was extremely important since I'm quite a ways from LA. Michael was able to guide us in making important decisions. We wanted a site that was easy to navigate and, most importantly, easy to update. The CMS that IBCnet provided, allows us to make daily updates to our web site with ease. We were also guided through the hand-over phase with patience and expertise. We are more than happy with the results. We look forward to working with IBCnet in the future. Thanks for all the hard work!! "

    Veronica Zeller-Marquez
    Ranchos Club Casino
    Sacramento, California

  • "Michael did a wonderful job helping our company transition into e-commerce. Michael clearly knew what he was talking about and showed unparalleled enthusiasm for his work. IBCnet's customer service also provides excellent expertise and easy solutions for all of our company's needs. I want to thank IBCnet for all the hard work and personable service that the company continues to provide. "

    Sarah Hadavi
    Chatsworth, California

  • "I fully recommend Michael and IBCnet without reservation. We transitioned our entire e-commerce site from one software package to another, and the new software package required significant customization to provide us with the functionality we wanted. Michael was deeply knowledgeable about the software package, and how it functions, in order to provide the best solutions for the various needs – always providing advance estimates of the time it would take for different elements. He was very responsive to any issues, and viewed the pricing of items in terms of the overall relationship. He has been a pleasure to work with over the past 9 months of our project, and we look forward to continuing to work with him on an ongoing basis"

    Paul Shrater
    Co-Founder – Minimus.biz
    Newbury Park, California

  • "IBCNet has consistently provided our company with complete satisfaction. All of our website hosting, custom programming, website design and SEO needs have been handled in an efficient and organized manner. I find IBCNet's customer service exceptional with complete contact availability, a depth of technical expertise, a solutions approach and fast turnaround on projects. I have been involved with my own websites since 1998 and never have I found another company that comes close to matching IBCNet's performance."

    David Plaskett, Webmaster
    Hawaii Coffee Company
    Honolulu, Hawaii
    hawaiicoffeeco.com, lioncoffee.com, royalkonacofffee.com, hawaiianislandteas.com

  • "Michael. Firstly, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for everything! I want to commend you & your people at IBCnet for the excellent work & support provided. Finally someone that can read my mind, understand my needs and ultimately execute my vision as intended. Our site is gorgeous & we have received numerous ooh's & ahh's about it, so kudos to you guys.... I can absolutely assure anyone interested in working with you to not have any doubts that you can get the job done. You can safely put yourself in IBCnet's hands. I look forward to our on going work together. Thanks again."

    Jimmy Bassal
    Luxury Time, Inc.
    Beverly Hills, CA

  • "IBC delivered solid web development services. The leadership and the staff is very responsive, knowledgeable, and extremely pleasant to work with. Thank you for a great experience. www.besmartwear.com Home of green and smart living, and fundraisers that make a difference."

    Jimmy Bassal
    Luxury Time, Inc.
    Beverly Hills, CA

  • "Thank you for taking the time to discuss and develop a website for me. Your experience, excellent work habits and creative judgments are the fundamental steps in making my website successful. Thank you for all your quick responses and for exceeding my expectations. You will forever be highly recommended!"

    Edan Taub
    President - Total Watch Repair
    Los Angeles, California

  • "We were looking for a high quality, knowledgeable, and detailed oriented company that can understand our marketing ploy and our vision. A company that can draw a clear blue print for our short and long term plan. Following a rigorous interview process - we found all of the above in IBCnet. Their staff was extremely knowledgeable, responsive, and attentive. They catered for our needs while providing a solution that clearly made logical and dollar sense. IBCnet have created a technical road map for our infrastructure and worked closely with our team to meet all our needs. Their understanding and sense for business in general was major benefit to overcome many of the obstacles. Although it was not our original plan, we felt compelled and comfortable to hire IBCnet for the development project. We couldn’t have made a better choice - the development project results were outstanding. IBCnet team were professional, responsive and consistently on-time for each milestone throughout the delivery. The result of the project is now powering our entire back-end. The solution is scalable, dynamic, and manageable easily by our staff. We will highly recommend IBCnet for any consulting, planning, and especially for development projects.”

    Alon Coresh
    Co-Founder & CEO - Rolling Razor
    Marina Del Rey, California

  • "It was a pleasure to work with you during the creation of our website. I can not begin to tell you how much we appreciate the job you have done for us. Your talents in web design and web development are professional, up to date and exquisite. You really have an intuitive ability to read your clients needs and ideas. We look forward to continuing our business with you in the future."

    Edward & Kristen Eldar
    Owners - Tarzana Watches & Jewelry
    Tarzana, California

  • "We had a business website for 2 years, and it hardly ever generated any real business. I thought that the web was a big scam and I neglected to actually research anything. One night a friend of mine told me how much they had increased their website traffic by signing on with IBCnet. "These people really know how to make a website sell online!" he said.. The web development of our website was a thorough process that was well researched and depicting of our industry. Right after we launched the website we started a high impact search engine optimization plan together with a gorilla marketing that brought us tremendous results. We are number 1 in Google and in Yahoo under many of the products we sell. Every new product we launch quickly gets to the top pages as well. Michael was very friendly and helpful in our phone consultations... a really smart guy who knows search engine optimization and internet marketing thoroughly. I appreciated the personal attention that I received and the internet marketing techniques that IBCNet told me about. I realize now that any business website should have a serious internet marketing professional working for them closely throughout the entire time you're online... you are professionals and take the time to learn your industry and bring a fresh insight into our world using your latest and greatest tools and techniques. I'd recommend IBCnet to anyone who demands professional web consultants."

    Jacob Levy
    President - Import Export Trading
    Los Angeles, California

  • "First we would like to thank you for your time and your help. We are proud to say that you did more than what was promised and than some more. We thank you for all the help and your great ideas and advise for helping us to build our new web site. www.super-cool.com Me and my dad love your work, you just did an Amazing job !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please, just to let you know if anyone needs a new web site or any new design or consulting or anything in Internet Marketing its definitely you. You are the best and you work hard like you promised and you give lots of attention to customers' need !!!!!! 1. Quick response by phone and e-mail from you !!!!!!!!!!!! 2. Your Professional work 3. I really enjoy to work with you yesterday at your office to approve your last touch up and finalize your work 4.And the most important is that you are an Amazing person - the Best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you again for your help and time"

    Ulik Milstein
    Vice President - Super-cool Refrigeration
    Vernon, California

  • "I want to express my appreciation for the wonderful job that your company, IBCnet, did in constructing a web site for our production company. We are enlightened to finally have a website that truly represents everything we are. We get tremendous positive feedback and with much pleasure we hand your number. Your personal dedication to our cause was exceptional and we will highly recommend you as a web site design company to anyone."

    Gilat Rapaport
    InJoy Productions
    Tarzana, California

  • "The unique design provided by your company has put us beyond any other competitor in our market. In just 2 weeks of being online we have gotten great reviews by new and repeat clients, and we have also been boosted up in search engines so people could actually locate us. We expect a great marketing advance with this addition of advertisement to our business as well as revenue. Thank you for your time and positive insights in the creation of our site."

    Joseph Alcantara
    Vice President
    Tropidanza Entertainment Inc.

  • "Our website was completely lacking of the entire requirements much needed to our success, it had nothing to do with the industry were in. IBCnet turn it to a beautiful coffee related website, We get a lot of good comments from our clients, and are very satisfied with the results this website shows." Thank you!"

    Alin I Cruz
    General Manager / Director of Marketing & Sales

  • "The developed marketing ploy we ended up executing, have landed us on the first page of Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, under the keywords which matter to us most!! We couldn't have wished for better results. Walking us hand in hand throughout the process of search engine positioning even got us understanding our business much better. We thank you for all your help and look forward to continue working with you."

    Dan Burst
    President & CEO
    Lave Games

  • "..You've done an extremely comprehensive work on our website. We get a lot of good comments from our clients, and are very satisfied with the results this website shows."

    David Levy
    General Manager
    Citywide Construction

  • "Dear IBCnet, I want to thank you for the great job your staff did with my real-estate website over the past couple months. It really turned out to be the best thing that I could have done for my business. I have many clients who reach me through the website every day, and it's so easy to use and navigate that they already have properties selected before they contact me. What a time saver! You have helped me streamline my business and maximize profits across the board. The whole process of building my website was hassle-free, and the help I received in making decisions was professional and insightful. Nothing could have been easier and the price was quite affordable. I tell all my friends about the excellent experience I had with IBCnet and I recommend that everyone with their own business get serious and take advantage of all the new business they can realize with a professional website from IBCnet. Also, I really enjoy watching my site move up in the search engine results in Google and the others. It has become the gift that keeps on giving, and I don't know where I'd be without your excellent service! Thank you so much!"

    Gill Corber
    Broker Owner
    Beverly Hills, California

  • "I would like to tell everyone at IBC Net how satisfied I was with the work you did on our website. The overall look of the site is immaculate and very professional. IBC is a team of skilled web design professionals and the work was top-notch. Everything in the website turned out quite intuitive and easy to navigate and use. our customers have been very pleased with the layout. Desco Tools has seen an increase in revenue as a result of our website implementation. I would recommend IBC Net to anyone who is in need of professional website development services. Please accept my humble appreciation for your web design services. Thank you!"

    Gabriel Halimi
    President - Desco Tools
    San Gabriel, California

  • "Jackets For You would like to extend grateful appreciation to IBCNet for the fine job they did with my website. The entire development process was efficient and professional, an overall pleasure. The keen attention to detail that was given to my project really blew me away. I was able to get the exact look and feel that I had in mind. If I had a concern or needed something changed IBCNet was always available to help me out. IBCNet was efficient, helpful, and professional in all aspects of the creation of my business site. I had a wonderful experience and I can say that I would recommend IBCNet to my friends and family for any web design, internet marketing, and ecommerce services. Just a great company to have on your side! Thanks IBCNet! "

    Gil Cohen
    Vice President - Jackets For You
    Encino, California

  • "Thank you for the wonderful job you did making this website for us - it looks great! It is such a great feeling to have a website that I am truly proud of. The deign work is beautiful and unique, and it represents Jennifer perfectly. Everyone agrees it is amazing and I get compliments on it all the time. I'm sure some of it is due to your hard work, he-he! Seriously though, I couldn't be happier with the professional image and representation. I'm sure your website design and internet marketing skills will only help us and Jennifer's career climb higher in the world, and I couldn't be happier with the results. Cheers!"

    Jenifer Kalo Team
    Beverly Hills, California

  • "IBCnet did a major homework about my industry before they drafted the first cover for the homepage!! I was very impressed with the type of service and results I got for the reasonable budget I invested. Their focus on the client created for me the unique, professional website that focuses on my market. Thank you for all your efforts."

    Annette Rebel
    BZ & Associates

  • "The website that Ibcnet created for me is spectacular. I was impressed with the speed and diligence of the Ibc team in getting my website beyond where I had hoped to be. I was a little wary of investing in a business website, but now I am so happy that I decided to do it and Ibc couldn't have done a better job. Just what I was hoping for. I would whole-heartedly recommend your services to anybody who is interested in a business website that trumps the competition. I told Ibc what I was looking for and they offered me numerous options in ways to move ahead. And move ahead we did. The site was up and running in no-time, and Ibc even helped me get my site listed in the search engines which has been just like having a billboard on everyone's computer... very effective!"

    Jaen Claude Purdue
    Vice President - California Personal Injury Lawyer Referral
    Santa Monica, California
    California Personal Injury Lawyer Referral.com

  • "The staff at Prestige would like to thank everyone at IBCnet for all of the excellent work putting together our lovely web site. The graphics and overall look of the site are just fantastic and we are very impressed with the final product. The increase in our business has already paid for the cost of the website. In other words it pays for itself! What could be greater than that? There was nothing left to chance and the way that IBCnet worked with us made it possible to be involved in the entire website creation process. We got just the look that we were looking for and our clients love how easy it is to use. All of our services are nicely represented with the information and details that apply. We would highly recommend IBCnet for internet and web development services to anybody... except our competition! Please keep up the great work and we will continue to use your internet marketing service as our business just continues to grow. Thank you IBCnet!"

    Leon C.
    Co-owner - Prestige Construction and Design
    Tarzana, California

  • "Thanks so much for the website design that you did for us. The project was a huge success and has definitely brought more business our way and for that we cannot thank IBC enough. The images that IBC put together were absolutely professional looking and added the perfect touch to the website. The descriptions and documentation were spot-on and very easy to follow. I will surely refer anyone who needs website help directly to IBC for their web design and internet marketing services. The designer asked us all the right questions to achieve the goal we were striving for. IBC worked quickly and efficiently, we really just can't say enough. Thanks again for working so closely with us to get our business really rolling. "

    Moshe Amar
    Owner - The Rain Gutters
    Los Angeles, California

  • "To all of the staff at IBCnet for the wonderful help in creating the web home for my construction business. It's a great website that really communicates our services and dedication to professionalism. Getting my business on the web was important to me when I found out how many of my competitors already had websites that gave them an unfair advantage. Now I am benefiting unbelievably with a whole new base of customers that I never had access to before! I would never have imagined it could make that much of a difference in my bottom line. I thought the whole process was exciting and creative with all the design options that are available and the price was more affordable than the other web design companies that I contacted when shopping around for my business web site. My customers truly appreciate the convenience and ease of use that the IBC crew built in to the final product and they will often comment on the tight professional look that the site has. I think it's a better looking website than any of the competition in my area. Couldn't be happier with the final product... hat's off to IBCnet!"

    David & Steve
    Owner - State Wide Construction and Remodeling
    Studio City, California

  • "Wow... I had no idea that I could benefit so much from your SEO services for my business. Whatever you are doing has me flooded with potential clients. I went from about 5 leads a month to almost 50 in a matter of months! I had to hire more help just so I can close more deals. Anyone with an ecommerce website needs to have a crew of professionals like IBC to truly maximize their web presence. You showed me how important that is and I am grateful for the marketing services you provided."

    Annette Miller
    Vice President of Marketing - LIS Solutions
    Los Angeles, California

  • "Thank you IBCnet for all the hard work in bringing our website to glorious life. The artistic nature of our project was fully realized in a way that just made us smile ear to ear. It was quite enlightening to watch how the IBCnet internet professionals took our website step by step to a level that absolutely exceeded our expectations. The images look great and the website is generally pleasing to all of us involved. Please be happy to know that we would recommend your web and internet services to any artist who wants a stunning web site created that everyone will love to visit. People comment to me all the time when they see the new web pages IBC net built for us. The work is simply the best and we will be sure to turn to IBC for all our web design and search engine marketing services."

    Russell Johnson
    Vice President of Operations - Ultimate Art Gallery
    West Hollywood, California

  • "All of us at WeAreAllKids would like to thank IBCNet for helping us spread the word to all of the world's people. You have given us the perfect image that we were striving for. The images and animation are just as cute as can be, and our photos were integrated into the web site in just the right way. Everything you did to research our cause contributed to what we envisioned for the purpose of our 'We Are All Kids' website. We are sure that the work IBCNet did for us with the website will help us spread the message of peace and cooperation to the children and people of the planet. When the time comes to expand our efforts we will look forward to working with you again. Thank you again on behalf of all the kids!"

    Sarit Peleg
    President - We're All Kids
    North Hollywood, California

  • "I would have to say that I was a little intimidated when I decided to create an online presence for my business. None of your competitors, that I contacted, offered to talk me through the process of setting up a website. They would tell me that I could get any answers I would need after I signed a contract. That behavior struck me as shady somehow. You were very patient with me from the start, which was great because I had no idea what I was doing! But you were able to explain everything step by step, and I am becoming an expert at web site positioning and campaign advertising due to your close work with me. You taught me the importance of the professional image and how it can make or break a business when it comes to online presence. I can rest easy knowing that if there are any issues with my website, I can call you and get help immediately. With IBC I know that I am always speaking with a competent internet professional. Thanks for all the success you have brought me!"

    Jack Cohen
    President and Owner - ThermoCold Construction
    Los Angeles, California

  • "We are extremely happy with the project results. I specially would like to point out the attention and time you took to learn about our business before you laid one line of code. The detailed oriented team who found all the logical paths to impossible scenario's and the warm, friendly, professional atmosphere you inspire."

    Andrew Levy
    General Manager
    Case Electronics

  • "Many thanks to the web design specialists at IBC net. I needed my website created fast but still wanted a clean, professional-looking design. IBC's web designers came up with a beautiful, easy to use website that featured all the details I was asking for. They even showed me some web design features that were new to me and explained them in a way that I could easily understand. I believe IBC is a top web design and web creation company. Also, I want to express gratitude for the internet marketing and search engine promotion services that I received after my business website went live. What is there that these guys can't do? Our site was indexed in Google, Yahoo and other search engines and directories within a few months in top positions. I never could have achieved this kind of web presence success on my own. I want to thank IBC net for a job very well done. I am always quick to recommend IBC and will continue to do so."

    Yoram Gazit
    President & CEO - Paradise Warrior Retreat
    Malibu, California

  • "I just want to extend my gratitude to you guys for all the work you did on my website. You helped me in a big way when you explained to me the importance of a professional website image, and you really delivered. I have friends in my industry who trusted their website design and internet marketing to their friends or college buddies, and I feel so sorry for them when they have no web business they can brag about. I tell them now that they need to have a good internet marketing professional as well as a good web designer. IBCnet arranged for all my inventory to be photographed and I really love the results. With IBC I got both for a reasonable price and I'm spreading the word. Thanks again!"

    Sarah Benjamin
    Owner - Unique Imitation Jewelry
    Glendale, California

  • "Working with the fine web experts at IBC Net was equivalent to enjoying the services of a VIP. I felt that I was catered to by competent internet specialists. IBC design professionals took the time to research my particular industry field and make me look better than my web competition. The personal service I received just blew me away. I really feel like I am in touch with cutting-edge tech experts. I would recommend IBC to anyone and would hire them again knowing I can experience the whole process again!"

    Carmen B. Dean
    Marketing Manager - Watches2Die4
    Sherman Oaks, California

  • Working with Michael and IBCnet has been a wonderful experience.  They are extremely capable and have grasped the goal of our project. Michael has been patient and helpful in guiding us through the learning process.  We are a small business with no real IT department and dreaded the upgrade process.  Michael and his associates have made things very pleasant, thus we feel comfortable engaging in an ongoing exchange of questions and answers.

    We would recommend IBCnet to anyone and look forward to a long working relationship.

    Julie Adams
    Marblehead Outfitters