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controlling your content never been so simple optimal contact management keeping you in control managing your content like a programmer without the know how create pages in minutes! build once use many built-in search engine optimizatio, social media optimization, and sem web design made easy for beginers and pros view reports and understand how to maximize your investment complete control over your content, settings, and work processes

IBCnet Building Blocks CMS is a powerful content management system that focuses on helping companies harnessing the important social integration into a simple, easy to control content management system. Built on the latest 4.0 the application employs the latest technology to deliver a fast, reliable and socially conscience application.

  • blocks cmsSocially engaging CMS making sure your presence is extended to social networks
  • Strong focus on simplicity making admin management tasks easy and swift
  • Optimal contact management with additional intimate member communications
  • Fast, reliable and solid infrastructure manageable from anywhere at anytime
  • Cost effective SAAS model ensuring long term investment and overall low cost


CMS System Requirements

  1. .Net Framework 4.0
  2. MSSQL Server 2005 / MSSQL Server 2008
  3. Windows Server 2003 / Windows Server 2008

CMS Features and Functionality

  1. Manage Style Sheet files
  2. Manage JavaScript files
  3. Manage Google Analytics by CMS Pages
  4. Manage CMS design through master files themes
  5. Manage documents distribution through Document Vault section
  6. Manage configuration file via CMS including content, forms, CSS, and JavaScript files, Design,
  7. Custom URL supports all type extensions
  8. Mark CMS page private or public
  9. Manage meta data for SEO at page level
  10. Add Facebook "Like", "Share" using one click
  11. Convenient launch CMS page preview directly from product edit page
  12. Manage CMS page blocks Individually (Header, Footer, Left side content, Right side Content, etc.)
  13. Create Dynamic Forms through admin with four data save options
    1. CSV File
    2. XML
    3. Email & database
    4. Only Database

    Form Management Supports:

    1. Thank You Page content management
    2. Google conversion code
    3. Captcha
    4. Set Submit button text and image
    5. Set Reset button text and image

    Form Management supported controls:

    1. Text
    2. Text area
    3. Textbox
    4. Textbox double
    5. Password
    6. Password double
    7. Dropdown
    8. Checkbox
    9. Radio button
    10. Date picker
    11. File upload
  14. Manage submitted forms values
  15. Create User Management forms
  16. Manage Private Note and General Note for users
  17. Manage registered users
  18. Manage mail content
  19. Manage entire CMS System backup through one click
  20. Restore old data through restore point backup for entire CMS
  21. Create User Groups

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