Mail Order Management | Inventory Management System

Mail Order Manager is a leading solution for inventory management, warehousing, and shipping solution. BVcommerce is a leader for online cataloging and ecommerce store management with strong SEO presence . Combining these two powerful applications will provide a centralized powerhouse solution for heavy traffic, high-volume online outlets. MOM provides an import-export plug-in which we have unutilized to connect with BV. We have developed a middleware that will ensure the daily processing will go uninterrupted.

Who should use this solution?  

  • A high volume online retailer seeking for a heavy duty commercial solution
  • If you are currently a MOM user and do not have ecommerce solution
  • If you are currently a MOM user and are not happy with Sitelink limited abilities
  • If you are currently a BV user and need a warehousing software to support your growing online activities

Will this solution work for your particular scenario? this solution provides the best of each manufacture has to offer. The reliability and commercial strength of warehousing software with the built-in search engine optimization values that comes with proven ecommerce application.

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