PCI Compliant Solution | PCI Compliance Consultant

PCI Compliance for ecommerce application is now must! Mandated by the Security Standard Council, a concertorium between the largest credit card provider companies, this standard not only protects the safety of consumers information, it also makes sure merchants do not get in over their heads. When choosing the wrong solution, a merchant can find their entire database hacked, or stolen which can lead to direct loss of revenue resulting from back charges, possible legal action, and cancelation of your merchant account. It is an important to mitigate this risk by choosing a certified PCI application.

Choosing PCI certification can be done on multiple levels.

  • Hardware - your servers will be certified as PCI Compliant.
  • Operating System - your hosting environment will be certified as PCI Compliant.
  • Ecommerce Solution - your shopping cart solution will be certified as PCI Compliant.

We can help with ALL!

The process requires that we fill-out paperwork to declare the type environment you are currently using. Following, using the preferred merchant providers' monitoring service, or scanning provider we will go through testing and remedy any issue brought up as security issue. Finally, we will upgrade, patch, and resolve any issue brought by security reports and make sure you pass the tests qualifying you for your certification.

If you are upgrading form previous version of BV we can certainly help. We have performed multiple upgrades for small and larger companies. If you had customizations done, this may complicate the upgrade, though, rest assure that most of the upgrades we do, involve upgrading customizations as most active online retailers customize their store. As a provider for customizations we will be able to comprehend your needs and provide your required solution with the extra input that can help elevate your business in the right direction. 

If you are looking for a PCI approved application, choosing PCI certified solution should not be the sole reason for choosing an ecommerce solution. First, you must evaluate your current needs. Then envision where you want to be in 6,12,30 months and plan to grow with your solution to accommodate for tomorrow's needs. Once you have this list, that will become the first draft of your ecommerce business requirement list.  You will find that most of your list is already covered by this solution and PCI certification is the cherry on top. 

To find out the cost for your upgrade, or the price for your certified ecommerce PCI solution, contact us today.